Call to Action

We invite you to help make the sustainability of the Kuumba centre services a reality.  Join us by honouring people like the carers pictured earlier in this document and other people who face multiple challenges and barriers in trying to achieve their aim of recovery, and shine a light on the pervasive nature of mental ill health coupled with institutional racism people face when attempting to access mainstream mental health services.


You can support the people who use our services by contacting [email protected]

Volunteering with SACMHF

SACMHF actively encourage volunteering within our organisation to:

  • support increasing your employment opportunities
  • develop your career
  • increase the size of the staff team
  • help you to gain new skills and learning

Volunteering Roles

These could include:

  • Administration
  • Fundraising
  • Supporting projects
  • Supporting groups


Volunteers will benefit from:

  • Training
  • Paid expenses
  • Work experience
  • Career & Personal Development