We are a certified Hate Crime Report Center. You can come to us if you are a victim of or have witnessed a hate crime.

What Is Hate Crime?:

Hate crime is a crime directed at one of the following: race, disability, religion, sexual orientation or gender. It can be, but not limited to, verbal abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, cyber bullying. 

The police now record incidents as well as recordable crimes and witness statements. 

How To Report A Hate Crime:

You can report a hate crime to us by, via email using the [email protected] email address, via phone by calling 0121 525 1629 or by coming in to the Kuumba Center. If you wish to report via email please indicate this via the 'subject' tab. 

When we have received a report of a hate crime we send the information to True Vision who can then prepare the correct support packages and inform the police.

You can report directly to True Vision here: https://www.report-it.org.uk/your_police_force

How Victims Are Supported:

Victims and witnesses are supported via a charitable organisation called Victim Support. Victim Support is the leading victims' charity in England and Wales. Their purpose is to help and empower people affected by crime and traumatic incidents. They are independent from the police and local authorities but work closely with them to ensure the correct action is being taken for the victim. 

Their core service enacts an Independent Victim Advocate which enables victims of all ages to recover fully and move beyond the impact of the crime. As well as this they also have a Hate Crime Case Workers who support those affected in the Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Solihull area.