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Outreach Support Service

A culturally responsive service designed to support individuals to recover from mental ill health. Family members can also receive support to manage their well-being.


We aim to encourage well-being and recovery by supporting individuals to regain their independence, confidence and improve their mental health and well-being.

When you access this service you will have regular one to one meetings held within a community setting, at the Kuumba Centre or in your home. During these meetings you will work on your personal goals which will be written in your recovery plan.

Elements of Your Recovery Plan Include:

  • Crisis plan – how we can support you in a crisis.
  • If you have any physical health problems, how best can we support you.
  • Set realistic goals to help with your recovery. Your assigned Wellbeing & Recovery Worker will support you to do this.
  • Monitor your process.
  • Signpost you to external services where required.
  • Identify if you would like to be part of meet up groups and attend a range of workshops & consultations, cultural events and social activities.

It is important to let your Wellbeing & Recovery Worker know what matters to YOU so they understand what is important to YOU and how best to meet your cultural needs.

Wellbeing and Recovery

It is important to us that your mental health and well-being improves as a result of using this service. To monitor this you will be asked to complete a Wellbeing questionnaire every 6 weeks. Your scores on this questionnaire will tell us where you may be having some problems or where you are making progress.

You and your Wellbeing & Recovery Worker can look at ways to work through any difficult areas.

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