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Gina Smith – Expression through Art – ‘A lifetime of taking part in sport.

Gina Smith who is a service user here at SACMHF (Sandwell African Caribbean Mental Health Foundation) had a wonderful mini art exhibition which showcased her work within The Dorothy Parkes Centre in Smethwick.

Background into Gina’s Artwork… Why Sports?

Gina’s art origins reflect on a lifetime of taking part in sport and explored what impact the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games had on community sport groups within the West Midlands.

By engaging with people in her local Smethwick community and nearby, Gina Smith visited sports venues to research the impact of the Games on the locals, talking to people and recording soundbites, shapes, colours and images with her camera and sketchbook.

Gina A Smith is a neurodiverse artist based in the West Midlands, who focusses on making paintings and mixed media works, diversifying her practice, and creating abstract work using a range of techniques. These include digital image, traditional print techniques and collage, which allow her to achieve depth in the artwork and create a sense of further interest and intrigue. Another recent exhibition includes a solo show in 2022, at Ort Gallery in Birmingham.

Gina is an inspiring artist who is particularly interested in female, black & para-sportspeople, including boxers and a local netball team, Ashanti. Gina also worked with local dancers and a fitness instructor, to record their movements. In the resulting works, she aims to capture the movement and joy of taking part in sport and movement, focussing on the feeling of a moment.

The Origins project was supported with public funding from the Arts Council England and was it was possible thanks to the help and support of the local community, mentors and other artists.

Well done Gina, Kuumba Centre is proud of what you are achieving.

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