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Have Your Say on Fighting Hate Crime in West Bromwich – Kuumba hosts first Hate Crime Workshop

Do you know the difference between Hate Crime or a Hate incident?

Sandwell is a wonderful place, our sense of community makes us stand out from other areas and we have a proudly diverse, and multicultural society that is a mix of vibrant colour, languages, and cultures. In such a place, we strongly believe there is absolutely no room for hate crime in our region and it’s time that we, as a community, make sure it is stamped out.

Sandwell Metropolitan Council and New Union have joined forces to hold several Hate Crime Workshops across 4 towns, including: West Bromwich, Smethwick, Wednesbury, Cradley Heath, Tipton and Oldbury.  The aim of these workshops is to raise awareness, inform and educate people of what Hate Crime is and how they can report it.

A hate crime is an offence where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility towards the victim’s race, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or transgender identity. You can find out more about hate crime and how to report it through our centre on our website here

On Friday 9th September, Kuumba Centre held one of the 4 workshops with our people who use services (PWUS) – Sandwell Council were present and Nathan Coyle (Director of New Union) facilitated the event. The workshop gave an insight into giving various scenarios around Hate Crime and Hate Crime incidents. People got the opportunity to voice their concerns and misconceptions of Hate Crime within the community. The workshop ended with light refreshments, a quiz, and an evaluation to reflect on Hate Crime knowledge.

The final Hackathon Hate Crime workshop will take place on Friday 4th November, 11am – 2pm at the West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre. You can register your place via the Evenbrite link here.

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