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Our digital inclusion service – Tech Connect is back!

Tech-Connect is finally returning to the walls of the Kuumba centre! Led by our very own volunteer Chris Ogidih. Tech-connect aims to support both our service users and carer’s group in developing and expanding their knowledge on all things ‘tech.’

Whether this is installing zoom, browsing the internet, or learning how to use an email address. Tech-Connect is here to turn you into a tech wizard.

At Tech-Connect know that everyone learns at their own pace. So, we offer one to one support as well as group sessions. Whether you want to learn the basics of the internet or something more advanced, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Tech Connect is led by our Volunteer and service user Chris. Here’s what Chris had to say about volunteering and the service he leads.

Chris said: “I have been coming to Kuumba for almost a year now (I originally joined the Men’s Group – MAN II MAN) but leading Tech Connect for around 4 months and I find it an inspiring and safe space. I was approached by the Business Development Manage who asked me if I wanted to volunteer at the centre utilising my digital skills and internet knowledge – that was how my experience with Tech Connect started. 

Volunteering At Kuumba has been a very enlightening experience not only have I been able to give back to the community through my digital and internet knowledge, but I have also met some interesting and remarkable individuals amongst the staff and the service users. In addition, it has helped me build up my confidence and I have learnt to be patient as the service users are at different levels with regards to their digital knowledge.

 At Tech Connect we assist the service users on a one-to-one basis. Assistance given includes creating email addresses, sending and receiving emails, sending and opening attachments (pictures, documents), creating strong passwords, awareness of being safe online, and any other areas of digital knowledge that the user would like to learn, we do all this in an informal setting and we encourage the users to perform the various task themselves with prompting from the volunteers who are always willing to assist if and when needed.”

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